We are a small, privately funded company founded by people who care. Go Mach 5 AS is a brand that has been under planning for some time and has finally come to fruition in 2015. Our primary focus is on serving our customers with the best DDoS protected hosting possible. We specialize in DDoS protected dedicated servers, along with VPS and shared hosting. We currently own all our hardware, and our equipment is located with Psychz in Los Angeles.

Here at Go Mach 5, our philosophy is that faster is better. We do our best to exceed industry standards and meet the technological needs of our clients. Our society today is so focused on a cheaper product, that they forget about the old saying: “You get what you pay for.” We have not forgotten. While our products are meant to be competitive, we don’t care if _____ is offering the “same” deal at 2 dollars a year. We know exactly how much we need to charge to keep our business going strong, and we use every bit of what we charge in order to help us deliver a faster and more efficient service.

Our team strives to provide both quick and dependable customer support, as well as a product that excels in all ways, shapes, and forms. You won’t get that anywhere else!