Los Angeles Datacenter

Our servers are located within a facility in Los Angeles. The datacenter is the Psychz facility at 700 Wilshire.

At our Los Angeles datacenter, all cooling equipment is independently dual-powered,
including chillers, ventilating and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems for complete climate
control. The fault-tolerant site infrastructure features electrical power storage and distribution
facilities with expected availability of 99.995%.

Our 700 Wilshire facility is located right next to the One Wilshire building, the servers can provide 100+ Gigabit to a
Meet-me-room at One Wilshire and 100+ Gigabit Internet capacity. The service offers multiple
fiber wavelengths and can be used on all major providers, including Hurricane, China Unicom,
Nlayer, Tinet, NTT, Comcast, PCCW and more.

  • Power

    As we're in a tier 4 datacenter, all IT equipment and cooling equipment are independently dual powered.

  • Network

    60 Gbps+ network capacity with a minimum of 20Gbps to each peer. We only utilize Tier-1 multi-homed providers, running on full fiber.

  • Security

    All access is locked by keycard and monitored 24/7. High definition security cameras are also on premises.

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