DDoS Protection

We know how frustrating it can be to get attacked by DDoS attacks, and we are also very aware that many online industries such as gaming, business, and e-commerce are huge targets because of the heavy competition. We use Psychz facilities and offer on-premise Anti DDoS mitigation with all of our services up to 20Gbps/20Mpps as a STANDARD. It protects against layer 3/4 attacks up to hard to detect layer 7 attacks that use only a small amount of bandwidth. There's no need to worry about DDoS attacks anymore!

Don't fall for the traps you find everywhere else. We don't know how much you're paying for your current setup, but we do know that there's no beating our pricing on Los Angeles based DDoS protected dedicated servers!

Click below to visit our upstream's (Psychz) website to learn more about how their DDoS protection works.

  • Mitigation

    Protection against all known attacks, with a guaranteed minimum of 10 Gbps and 6,000,000 packets per second Heuristic based DDoS mitigation, enabling complete defense against all known and “zero day” threats.

  • Network

    Pure ethernet architecture on a multi-10G backbone, leveraging only high performance Juniper MX routers Performance under fire: Network delivers 99.99% SLA despite high threat environment.

  • Scaling

    PMulti-10G as needed to rapidly scale with dynamic customer requirements, enabling complete protection against any and all DDoS attacks.