Why Go Mach 5?

Go Mach 5 is based and founded on our core philosophy that faster is better. In order to match this philosophy, we need to step up every aspect of this industry and not only match all our competitors, but do it better. Doing this is difficult, and calls for a key ingredient. That's right, we LOVE working with servers and doing what we do. There's nothing more satisfying than being able to please a customer simply doing what we love. That's the Go Mach 5 experience.

We don't always use the most recent, high-end hardware. Lots of shells of companies, and those who buy into the marketing hype are guilty of this. With us, we don't think that price is equivalent to quality. Sure, we need to deliver our promises of speed, but we also want to make sure our products are affordable. Our approach is that if it still works well, it's worth offering to our clients.

Our Promise

  • Help When You Need It
  • Reliable Support
  • Fair Policies
  • Working Hardware
  • Faster is Better

It's a simple choice! What are you waiting for?